Updating jeppeson database

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For assistance in finding the FMS version of an aircraft, click here. To access any future revisions of this document please click here and enter 523-0824752 in the Publication/Training product part number field.To help answer any questions you may have, please see our Frequently Asked Questions or call Rockwell Collins Customer Support at 319.295.5000.This error doesn't explicitly show on the control panel, but can be found by looking at the log.The help file indicates that this might be a download count problem, and to call them for reset. In looking through the log, it is clear that I've had this error before, and was always able to pound through it somehow.

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The end-user is reminded that according to RTCA/DO-200A dated September 28, 1998, section 1.4; “The ultimate responsibility of ensuring that data meets the quality for its intended application rests with the end-user of that data.” Each cycle, every effort is made to ensure the data passed on to our customers is of the highest quality, containing the most up to date, complete and reliable information available. Database Availability and Effectivity Schedule Frequently Asked Questions Database Downloading Instructions Links to database alerts and subscription forms have moved to the left navigation menu under Flight Deck Content.

However, it is the end-user’s responsibility to; pre-flight their navigation database, reference appropriate NOTAMS and Flight Alerts including those from Jeppesen, Lufthansa, the FAA, Rockwell Collins and other state aviation authorities and any other applicable publications pertaining to the users flight operations from the appropriate websites or publications.

The end user has the ultimate responsibility to ensure data requirements are met and to verify the navigation data loaded in their FMS is current and valid for the intended operation.

In any case, it seems like it has always been cantankerous to get it to work smoothly.

Start the program, get the update downloaded, cross fingers, put the USB plug in, hope it detects.

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