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“If you’re already friends, he might be trying to take the friendship to another level,” he says.

If you’ve just met this guy, however, Wanis says that he might be trying to get to know you better, “or he could just be a great player who knows how to compliment a woman so he can win her over.” Tread with caution, collegiettes; this guy may know the right things to say, but he may not have the best intentions. Respond with a playful quip, so your guy knows he can’t take you for a ride: “Oh, stop, I’m blushing,” or, “Oh yeah, nothing sexier than a girl sweating her face off on a treadmill.” Put that guy in his place and he’ll know in the future not to set off your BS detector. He could be busy, he could be distracted, he could be at work or in class or driving or on an airplane or on the moon.

“Or he could just be trying to get you to go to bed with him as quickly as possible, and hopes that flattery will make you believe that he wants a relationship with you, not just a hook-up.” Wanis says the most important things to consider with every text message are the context and your existing relationship with the sender.

You asked him how his week is going and he says that it’s going really well, thanks... But more often than not, your guy is playing games.

Taking his sweet time to respond to you is your guy’s way of telling you that he has better things to do and that holding his end of the conversation is not his greatest concern. ” but it’s best not to acknowledge the delay—if he’s not actually busy, that’s what he wants, after all.

’ What you’re doing is responding in a masculine manner by being direct and clear, and you’re now giving him an option.” If your guy is interested, he’ll willingly agree to make alternative plans and, this time, he’ll (hopefully) keep them. It’s more likely that, instead of truly missing your text, your guy was evading a conversation he didn’t feel like having at the time–or didn’t want to have altogether—and claimed to have “missed” your text as a handy excuse. If he can’t make your conversation a priority, then make sure he knows that he’s not a priority of yours: “Oh, don’t worry about it. ” Your flippancy might just make your guy step up his game (and pay better attention to his phone! What does it mean when a guy has suddenly morphed into an inarticulate caveman?

Wanis says there are three reasons a guy might send this type of message: “One, the guy is sincerely busy. Three, he doesn’t really care that much.” While Lieberman points out that there are occasions when one word will suffice, especially if your guy is in the middle of something else, “it could [also] mean that he just doesn't think you're worth the effort of texting more.” Just like with the rain check text message, your guy could be otherwise occupied.

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