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In case you don't recall, in that message you praised her work, Blanchard's work, and clearly described yourself and other trans women as autogynophiles [] --the concept or the identity.I confess that what confuses me is how you got from that to all this.Alice Dreger craves the fame and attention that have largely eluded her, and her preferred methods and dealings include complaining, rumor-mongering, and trolling.

Since few will want to slog through this, here's a summary: Apparently attempting to ingratiate herself with Bailey, her coworkers, and Northwestern administrators, Dreger starts contacting faculty at Northwestern about getting my speech stopped. One academic takes her to task for trying to stop the free exchange of ideas: It focuses on some deliberately offensive satire I wrote in 2003 about how Bailey tends to reduce sexuality to pseudoscientific binaries.

As someone who finds herself working in pediatric gender clinics to try to get doctors to be more supportive of children with atypical gender and sex presentations, I'd personally appreciate if you could consider toning down (better yet, ending) your attacks.

The kind of rhetoric you employ only leads doctors to believe that children who don't end up gender-stablized [] end up violent and angry. Medical Humanities and Bioethics Program Feinberg School of Medicine Northwestern University Though I was about to jump on a plane to speak at her school, I send back a 2,500-word response outlining the issues, explaining why I took that tack with Bailey and correcting her misinterpretation of what I meant in the 1998 email to Dr. I have linked key terms below for reference; full URLs were in original. D." Subject: Re: a not quick note Hi Alice-- Yes, I read your recent troll about a three-year-old (and settled) debate.

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