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The main body of XChat code is licensed under the GNU General Public License.However, on August 23, 2004, the official build for Windows had become shareware, and had to be purchased after a 30-day trial period.When audiences aren’t scratching their heads trying to make sense of the asexual Sheldon Cooper’s way of life, we’re pretty sure the gorgeous girls of America’s number one television show are drawing their attention to the study of female anatomy.We caught up with the bombshell Kaley Cuoco last fall, and our other favorite heavenly body and this week’s woman to watch is getting some screen time as the first (and probably only) woman to ever stand up to the terrifying Mrs. We sat down with our newest Femme on Fire, the beautiful Melissa Rauch, to chat about playing Bernadette, impromptu dance routines and the physical demands of playing a hooker.

The interface can display clickable operator ("op") commands and others, and allows customization of fonts, event sounds, timestamps, and logging.Previous builds for Windows were removed from the official site.This created controversy as Peter Železný did not have the copyright to all of the code which he was claiming to re-license, as well as linking proprietary shareware enforcement code against GPL-licensed code, making the Windows version of XChat a violation of copyright law and the So we just watched the cast and crew rock the “Call Me Maybe” mash-up (That was the brainchild of Kaley.Her sister choreographed it and everybody was so excited to do it. We did two hours of rehearsal the day that we shot it—it was so funny—you could look anywhere on set and everyone was secretly doing little dance moves to themselves. [laughs] The Big Bang Theory just hit another milestone with over 20 million viewers for last week’s episode; does this show know no bounds?

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