Dating website questionnaire for clients

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VOTES platform is based on Blockchain technology which provides distributed storage of voting information.Thus, polls conducted on VOTES could not be falsified.To distort the results, scammers will need to change the whole chain of records, which is impossible.For the purposes of organization of taking polls and votes, the platform is going to issue 100 mln VOTES tokens within the framework of ICO.

VOTES platform wants to solve this problem by using blockchain and smart contract tecchnologies.

It uses Blockchain technologies and smart contracts providing transparency and honesty of polls and surveys on the base of the platform. More than 10 mln people have become the users of the service during the whole time of its existence.

Among the system’s clients there are such large companies as Samsung, Bosch, Adidas and tens of thousands of other companies.

His key competences are Research and Development, Digital Security, Startups, Politics, Crypto Currencies, Blockchain and Fin Tech.

Dino also has a Political background and a vision to disrupt how people interact with democracies & voting.

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