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In the period between 20, births to Muslims made up an estimated 31 per cent of all babies born around the world – far exceeding the Muslim share of the global population, which stood at 24 per cent in 2015.

The world’s Christian population is also still growing, but far more slowly.

Muslim mothers will have more babies than Christian women by 2035, a new study has found.

Christianity is currently the largest religion in the world, with Christians making up almost one third of Earth’s 7.3 billion people in 2015.

Although she never wore a headscarf, "I grew up in a very strict Islamic family,” she says.

A Middle Eastern woman that doesn’t know how to get intimate with her husband or how to masturbate or whatever, she can watch my porn and be open with her sexuality, like, 'You’re not the only one.'"Growing up, Ali often felt isolated.

In recent years, 33 per cent of the world’s babies were born to Christians, which is slightly greater than the Christian share of the world’s total population – 31 per cent in 2015.

The Christian population is growing more slowly because on average it is older than the Muslim population, Pew found.

As giving became very public, one of the features of the weekly offering was, of course, that all gathered could see who was giving, if not how much.

Once the age of plastic money arrived, all of this ritual and financial necessity in American churches was jeopardized.

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