Cyber sex websites

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Men tend to spend more time viewing pornography, and women tend to prefer more interactive and relationship oriented cyber sex, but beyond that, there is little understanding of who is most at risk for a cybersex addiction.

We do know that the numbers affected are rising - sexual addiction therapists are reporting a dramatic increase in the numbers of people seeking treatment.

Sex addicts need to learn why they feel compelled to engage in inappropriate sexual activities, need to learn how they can control their temptations, and work on fixing the problems in their life that cause them to seek escape or release through inappropriate sexual gratification.

Sexual support groups modeled on the 12 steps of AA are found in all major centers, and sexual addiction therapists are equally common.

Sex addicts used to be mostly male, and they often came from a background that included some form of sexual abuse.

Sex addiction therapists explain that a cybersex addiction can derail normal and necessary intimacy between partners.

Cybersex can lead to increased rates of depression, shame and guilt.

Sexual compulsions are not easily broken, and most cybersex addicts will require professional or structured support to mend their sexual lives.

C3 also operates a fully equipped computer forensics laboratory, which specializes in digital evidence recovery, and offers training in computer investigative and forensic skills.

C3's Cyber Crimes Unit provides the management and oversight of the agency's cyber related investigations by focusing on the transnational criminal organizations that use cyber capabilities to further their criminal enterprise.

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