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Wash all bedding and laundry with Tide original power laundry detergent. If you want to know if you have mites, my mom discovered that using the skin so soft bug spray with picaridin cases them to pop out in aboout 2-3 minutes, and they don't seem to move for hours after.It also caused the nymph form to dig out rather rapidly as well.Topical application of natural detoxifying agents is generally the most effective.Several different types of mites are naturally present on the skin in the hair follicles and sebaceous glands of the skin.Generally speaking, topical applications of natural agents are most effective for treating mites as these options eliminate the cause of mites and cleanse the skin.Three common remedies include tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar and borax.A number of treatment options for mite infestation have been identified, ranging from simple skin treatments to daily supplements and other more contemporary methods.

Bed Head oatmeal & honey scent has it, but not all bed head shampoos have this ingredient so make sure to read the back label and it has to have those exact words, benzyl benzoate. When you get it, get in the shower and shampoo and lather your hair, face and body really well and leave it on for 5 minutes or longer, then rinse and do it a second time. Wash your clothes with Tide original powder detergent. Benzyl Benzoate is an antimicrobial and used for scabies and mite infestations.

(Some people these monsters lead them to suicidal tendencies), lo, which is the Worst! Perhaps you can try the Tea Tree oil and Peppermint on your's too strong maybe add ten drops of each to a spray bottle and spray yourself AND your bed for the mites....maybe mist it around the room..... We are the experts on our own bodies and they simply can't treat what they know relatively nothing about. This seems to keep them a bit quieter and I believe you need to apply this AT LEAST twice a day for 4 weeks.

And yes, I've been continuously prescribes anti-depressants & anti-pyschotics but not been told what they are. In my opinion it needs to be tackled from a few angles.

i vacuum daily, and I have an Air-Conditioner, Dehumidifier, and Air-Cleaner as well, , , for MITES LOVE HUMIDITY. these "f, , , , in mites" can destroy our comfort and happiness, that's for sure..

They seem to prefer nighttime hours too, when we are still, and where ever there is any kind of moisture, like in our beds. if anyone has any faster resolutions, I beg you to SHARE. I am trying the apple cider vinegar as well, but I see little affect for me, anyways, but I still take it 3 times a day, one teaspoon a shot. Everything that I have read about them describes what I am experiencing although all the doctors & specialists I have seen keep saying no, no, demodex only occurs on those with severely affected immune systems such as HIV etc but I tell this this is old school textbook and these mites are extremely adaptable and just because I don't present as "text book" to you, doesn't mean I don't have them.

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