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Their job is to count thrusts, and then decide — depending on the number — who should see the film. Here we go.' And we had a lot of fun." — Jeff Perry, on 16.Nice work if you can get it." — Atom Egoyan, director of 14. "We had to rehearse the sex scene with David [Fincher], like every inch of it — 'Then you put your mouth on his dick here, and then this number of thrusts, and then you ejaculate.' He doesn't want a lot of reinterpretation once you start rolling." — Neil Patrick Harris, on shooting a sex scene with Rosamund Pike in 17. It made me realize I'm a very strong woman and this happened to me. I mean, you see everything." — Cameron Diaz, on 20.You don't want the girl to feel like you're getting a free feel or something.I try to make a fool of myself in one way or another to lighten the mood and then just go for it, because you don't want to be doing take after take." — Michael Fassbender, on 3."I will be lying there, kind of being slammed by a naked body, thinking, 'I want out of this bed. "You kind of suddenly feel this strange thing of asking people to participate in anything like that because they're not a real couple. I would have allowed them to be more prudish and they told me it was all right and important for the story. It's weird and uncomfortable at first, but then all the awkwardness melts away and you think, All right, we're doing this, so let's have fun with it. You're in that moment and it's happening and it's not going to get any better, so you might as well enjoy it." — Jon Hamm, on 12.

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"Trying to do an aggressive sex scene is quite difficult. We weren't, like, looking into each other's eyes." — Kristen Wiig, on 27.The red band trailer for Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel's latest vehicle, a movie about profound love and the meaning of human relationships in an age of technology, was released yesterday. It's a story we've all heard before: sexy couple joins together in sexy marriage and do lots of sexy things.Couple loses that special spark, possibly from doing too much sex.Especially in a public place with a crowd of screaming extras with their little camera phones going click-click, taking pictures of your pasty white ass. "I'm pretty immature, so I get pretty embarrassed still. I would, like, check out once in a while, certain shots to make sure I felt OK.I've had my fair share of bedroom antics in films, but they were a little more private." — Jason Stratham, on 24. It doesn't matter if it's a friend, a male, a female. Because sometimes once you see it, like, there was one of the panties coming off that we did, and after I watched it I was like, Oh that's not bad, because it was really quick. And you can never destroy that awkwardness; it's always going to be there — even when you're with somebody for the first time in real life. "There is that revoltingly embarrassing moment when you have to take your clothes off in front of strangers.

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