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These services include: Adult Learners who have graduated from high school or completed the Tx CHSE may enroll in Adult Education classes if they score sufficiently on the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) and meet other program specific requirements.As part of its Adult Education and Literacy contract with the Gulf Coast Workforce Development Board, Houston Community College is required to offer workplace literacy, workforce literacy and other career pathway programs for adult learners.Obesity rates have more than doubled in adults and children since the 1970’s (National Center for Health Statistics, 2009).While recent estimates suggest that the overall rates of obesity have plateaued or even declined among some groups, obesity is widespread and continues to be a leading public health problem in the U. (Flegal et al., 2016; Ogden et al., 2016; Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2016; Wen et al., 2012). In general, rates of obesity are higher for Black and Hispanic women than White women, higher for Black and Hispanic men than White men, higher in the South and Midwest, and tend to increase with age (Flegal et al., 2016; Gregg et al., 2009; Sherry et al., 2010).Rates are the highest, and very alarming, for 6-11 year old Hispanic boys (25.8 percent are obese) and 12-19 year old Black girls (24.4 percent are obese) (Ogden et al., 2016).

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Instructors use authentic media to teach Reading, Writing, Math and Language skills to workers and simultaneously reinforce the acquisition content of the materials.

English as-a Second Language (ESL) options are available.

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