Air canada vacations seat selection online dating

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The goodwill travel discount was offered to demonstrate our regret for the lapse in our usual high standard of service.

• Your device identity log information (phone model, language, system and app version) is attached to emails you send when an issue is reported via the App.We recognize we did not leave you with a favourable impression on this occasion but we look forward to an opportunity to provide you with a more positive travel experience in the future. I responded immediately with an email that all I want is my back and I'd be happy.We appreciate the opportunity to review your concerns." Really?! February 8 I hadn't heard back from Lisa so wrote another email asking WHY I can't have my back. our "concerns" have been reviewed by a supervisor and Lisa wants me to send her proof of us spending the .Our flight was scheduled to leave Toronto about 8am on the Saturday morning (New Years Eve).When we checked in at 6am, we were told that we would be flying standby (according to the check-in agent, the flight was full) because our travel agent hadn't reserved us specific seats on the plane (and charge us an extra each). I travel quite often for my job and I've bought many vacation packages over the years and I have never paid for a plane ticket only to fly standby unless I paid an extra to be assured a seat.

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